Get your Team Talking & Sharing!

Even though we are Nebraska Cornhusker fans here at Free2Compete we do have an engaging activity inspired by Jim Harbaugh. In honor of his Michigan Wolverine football team winning a National Championship we wanted to share that activity with you today.

“Who’s got it better than us NO-BODY!”

Jim Harbaugh

Coach Harbaugh is famous for his “Harbaugh-isms” his sometimes quirky and sometimes deep quotes. Maybe you’ve seen this picture of a marker board that was in his office at one time filled with quotes he has said or collected.

Jim Harbaugh’s Quote Board

Zoom in on the picture and read the Harbaugh-isms it contains. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. “You are over the legal limit for what ifs.”

  2. “If you are bored, you are boring.”

  3. “Fat is the enemy of speed.”

  4. “Have a good day…if you want to!!!!!”

  5. “Don’t make somebody a priority who treats you like an option.”

Which of the Harbaugh-isms stand out to you?

ACTIVITY #1: Get ‘em Talking!

Project the Harbaugh-isms board up or print out copies for your team to look at. Give them time in smaller groups to share their thoughts. Then ask each group to share what they liked & why. Repeat until you feel the conversation is slowing.

ACTIVITY #2: Get ‘em Sharing!

Have your team create their own board. If you have a marker board in a team area that can stay up, use that. If not, grab a large piece of rolled paper (the bigger the better, let them write big!) and some markers. Hang the piece of paper up in a common area when done.

Have each team member put up their favorite quote or saying they’ve heard. After giving them time to get it written on the board/paper, have each team member share what they wrote, what it means to them, & why they think it applies to the team.

Encourage your team to add to the board as your season goes on.


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